Advantages of Working from Home

It is the fantasy of some people to be able to work from home, but many have made it a reality. Whether they are self-employed or simply working off-site, quite a few modern day workers are able to fulfill their responsibilities from home and there are definite advantages for both them and the companies they work for.

Fewer Distractions

If you have your own home office set-up, you can close the door, sit back, and work in an atmosphere of quiet and comfort that is free from the noise and interruptions of the office.

No Commuting

Some people have to drive to other cities for their jobs and that can mean hours of time en route to and from work. Working from home means that you can get up five minutes before the start of your day, sit down, and get to work without ever leaving your home. No traffic, no car expense, no delays. This also helps the environment because it takes cars off the road.

Life Balance

Some people find it tough to maintain that important work/life balance. When working from home, you can more easily recognize when it is time to call it a day.

You can also spend more time with your family, even during your lunch and rest breaks.

Increased Productivity

Even the best run offices can be noisy hubs of distracting activity. Perhaps the worst problem are annoying co-workers who drone on about nothing and just don’t get the message that you have work to do and want to be left alone. At home, the only distraction you might have to face is your cat wanting attention.

More Space in the Workplace

Some companies expand before they are in a position to relocate to a larger facility. Allowing some workers to perform their role offsite frees up valuable space.