Don’t Forget Window Safety This Summer


Summer is a time when people commonly have their windows open. Whether it is to let a bit of cooler air in or to try and alleviate the humidity, an open window can be a nice way to let a bit of nature into your home. It can also be an environmentally friendly way of cooling things down without contributing to the issues caused by air conditioning.

However, there can be a notable downside to leaving your windows open. While you may have thought you had inspected all areas of your home, did you consider the safety of your windows?

Open windows can be an invitation for disaster when it comes to children and pets. If you must leave your windows open, keep an eye on your children and animals’ activities at all times. It can only take a few seconds for one to climb up on a ledge, lean too far out, and have a nasty, potentially fatal fall. Don’t let screens lull you into a false sense of security; they are merely designed to keep insects and birds out, not to support the weight of a persistent child, cat, or dog.

To ensure that such an unfortunate accident does not occur, make sure your windows are securely closed when you are not around to watch them. There is also the alternative of installing a window stop. These limit the amount that a window can be opened, thus making it impossible for a child to force their way out. You can also choose to install top opening windows as it would be very difficult to get out of one.

Another good tip is to make sure there is nothing nearby that a child can easily climb, thus giving them easy access to the window.

It doesn’t take long to practice window safety and it is definitely not time wasted.

Ever Wonder Why You get a Birthday Cake and Candles on That Special Day?

Certain traditions have been with western civilization for so long, we tend to simply take them for granted. For example, the birthday cake. While birthdays are something that you celebrate, who thought of putting burning candles on them and then asking the birthday boy or girl to blow them out?

Birthday cakes actually date back to the middle ages in Germany, but did not become commonplace there until the 18th century. They eventually made their way to this side of the pond and were adopted into our culture.

The history of birthday candles is not quite as clear cut. Some believe the tradition originated in ancient Greece as a way to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon. Others also credit Germany with this development as well, stating that it was a way to depict the light of life.

The reason you blow out the candles apparently derives from the common belief that smoke acts as a vehicle to carry your prayers to heaven. Of course, people make a wish rather than pray nowadays, but the intent is pretty much the same.

The earliest birthday cakes were rather bland affairs that did not even include icing. As the years passed, they became sweeter and more elaborate, with multiple designs and flavors.

In fact, there are now so many options, it can be really tough to decide which one to pick. Sometimes people choose cakes that match a birthday party theme, like superheroes or princesses. In other cases, the style and flavor might be selected simply because it is the one likely to find the most favor with guests.

Whatever style you choose, make it the centerpiece of the celebration and be sure to offer a generous slice to everyone attending! The guest of honor is traditionally the one who cuts the cake.

Having Trouble Relaxing?

Many of us spend so much of our time nowadays running around at full steam, multitasking and trying to get as much done as possible every day of the week. While that can be physically and mentally exhausting, sometimes we can still have trouble winding down. How often have you come home from a tough day at work only to find your home in disarray and your attention needed in four different places at once?

It’s good to be productive, but not getting proper relaxation can he hard on both mind and body. It can also leave you more likely to develop serious health risks, like heart attack and stroke.

Here are some suggestions that can help you to slow down when needed:

Turn Off the Electronics

Do not look at your phone, computer, television, or anything else that has a screen at least one hour before bed. This simple act will do wonders in helping to calm you and get you in the right frame of mind for sleeping.

Enjoy Nature

Get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and plan a trip to a remote area. Go hiking, swimming, fishing, or any other activity that takes you away from large masses of people and other distractions. And leave your phone off as much as possible while you do it.

Take Deep Breathes

Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes and take some deep breathes. Closing your eyes while doing so can also help to bring down your blood pressure a few notches.

Enjoy Your Hobbies

Do you like to knit? Watch movies? Take long walks? Do puzzles? Whatever you enjoy doing, make sure to schedule some time to engage in those activities that bring you enjoyment. These can go a long way in keeping one grounded.

Are You Still Using E-mail?

When it first appeared, one of the truly amazing things about the internet was e-mail. Instantly gone were the days when you had to write a letter, put it in an envelope, and take it to the mail box or post office. Instead, you could just type your thoughts into a field, hit send, and possibly get a reply back in minutes…or even seconds! Instant connection, instant information, and instant answers were huge selling points for the internet and led many people to add it to their lives.

Fast forward 20+ years and e-mail seems almost quaint. Yes, it is still being used to a large extent, but it seems inevitable that something more advanced will come along. There are also security issues;  Democratic Party’s hacked email accounts may have cost them the last election.

Instant messaging seems to have taken away some of e-mail’s appeal. You can send the same information and much the same content with IM-ing and just as quickly. If you want to have a simple exchange with someone, IM-ing accomplishes that without the clutter of e-mail. This form still seems to be the province of younger users; older people use e-mail more often.

E-mail does still have some advantages. Need to find a message that someone sent you a while back? You will have a much easier time doing that than trying to find an old instant message.

In the security department, there are effective encryption formats for e-mail that can withstand most hacking attacks. People just need to remember to use them.

E-mail is a popular and effective way to do online marketing. Although some countries have enacted anti-spam legislation, e-mail continues to be a fast and effective way for businesses to reach out to and stay in touch with consumers.

For many people, e-mail also remains the most personal form of electronic communication.

How to Talk to Your Teens

People joke about the generation gap, but it does exist and can cause considerable differences in outlook and common ground. Think back to when you were young; how often did you seriously consider what your parents said to you? I’m guessing you probably found them to be tiresome contrarians who did not understand what it was really like for someone your age.

I’m guessing your teens also feel the same way about you. Whether it is true or not, that sort of disconnect can really compromise a parent/teen relationship. Want to try and reconnect on a meaningful level with your children? Try these three suggestions.

Talk, don’t lecture

One thing that made me automatically want to defy an adult was being subjected to a lecture. In other words, talk to your child, not at them. Be sincere and honest when expressing your concerns. Listen to what they have to say in response and try to understand where they’re coming from. Yes, the parent is ultimately the one in charge, but you can also have a parent-child relationship based on honesty and open communication.

Get right to the point

This is directly connected to the one above. Understand where your teen is coming from and express your concerns, but don’t ramble. A five minute opener on how “this sort of thing was never done in my day” is meaningless to a child and, in their eyes, just makes you seem clueless and out of touch.

Remain a parent

Some parents state that they get along well with their kids because they’re basically friends. That dynamic may work well in some families, but it can also provide children with too much freedom to do what they want. There is a healthy middle ground between being an overbearing authoritarian and a friend who never passes any kind of judgment; through talking to your children, you can find that proper balance.

Have You Got the Summertime Blues?

If the only summertime blues you know is the famous song by Eddie Cochran, consider yourself lucky. Many people live for summer; in fact, for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (or S.A.D.), summer is a godsend.

However, the summertime blues is a real thing. Not everyone reacts to the sun and warmth of the summer months in a positive fashion. In fact, the brightness of the sun can trigger depression in some people. If you fall into this category, keep your sunglasses handy.

The heat of summer (which has grown more intense in some areas the past few years due to climate change) can also rub some people the wrong way, making them quite irritable. This is the summer equivalent of winter S.A.D. Those individuals should consider staying indoors when the sun is at its height in the sky.

While many people find summer to be relaxing, it is actually the time of year when sleep deprivation is the most common. Those long, sun lit days and early mornings where the sun is up before you can mess up the body’s internal rhythm. Try using heavy curtains to block out the sun and try to keep regular hours, hitting the sack at the same time each evening.

If you have kids, summer can almost seem like a curse. As they are out of school, you need to find things for them to do. That can mean acting as a chauffeur or other form of supervisor, leaving you with little of the spare time you need to unwind. That can result in you feeling rundown and unable to face the challenges of the day.

Finally, many people take time off during the summer, so that can leave your workplace seeming a bit deserted at times. As a result, you may be called upon to fill in. That can cut into your own work time, leaving you rather drained and possibly even a bit resentful.

Need Help Dealing With Depression? Try Therapy

Depression can be very difficult to endure. I won’t go into detail, but a couple members of the team have struggled with chronic depression and have agreed to share some insights for this post.

The main message they want to convey is hope. No matter how bleak things may seem, you should never give up. There is always another avenue you can take; it just hasn’t presented itself yet. In order to find that new direction, the best course of action is therapy.

Finding a therapist can seem daunting. It is often quite expensive or, if you are trying to seek help through an agency like CMHA, you might face a long wait.

One of the main things to remember on your journey is to keep trying until you find a therapist who feels right for you. Just because a therapist has certain qualifications, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the right fit for you.

You can test drive a therapist just like you would a car. Try a session or two and see how comfortable you feel. Don’t worry about moving on to someone else; therapists are professionals and know that not everyone will wish to see them. This is all about you and your needs.

Therapy only really works if you are in an atmosphere and with a therapist who allows you to feel open and relaxed. The only way for them to help you is to know the situation(s) in detail. That allows the therapist to then recommend the proper course of action. Without all of the required knowledge, it becomes a guessing game and that can lead you down roads that ultimately go not help.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions! You need to know your therapist and their approach. That knowledge will help you decide whether you have found the person that could help to change your life.

Workplace Safety: Something to Think About No Matter What You Do for a Living

No matter whether you are a construction worker, a short order cook, or a paralegal, you have the right to practice your chosen profession in an environment that is safe and will not cause you physical or mental harm.

The federal and provincial government has regulations in place to help ensure worker wellbeing, but you can enhance that safety on your own by showing some personal initiative. You can do this by taking courses and earning a Health & Safety Certificate. This demonstrates that you have acquired the knowledge needed to help make your workplace a safe place for yourself and your fellow employees.

A certification in joint health & safety demonstrates that you have ambition and seek to improve both yourself and the environment in which you work. The benefits can be substantial. Workplace injuries reduce productivity and dispirit employees, causing them to be reluctant to continue working there. Some might even quit.

It would be a shame to lose prime talent simply because necessary steps were not taken to create a workplace where everyone can function with confidence. You do your best work in an environment where you can concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about distractions. A safe workplace is a happy one that produces quality work.

Have you considered getting health and safety certification? Need more information? Go online to find out the regulations and testing procedures in your province and sign up! These skills are transferrable—you will use them at your current job and ones that you will hold in future. You may even find that this knowledge comes in handy for helping to make your own home a safer place to be. Both you and your loved ones will benefit from your ambition and knowledge.

Emergency Repair For Your Cooling Or Heating System

acrepairChange of weather can be harsh for your cooling or heating system. Affects the system parts that may cause breakdown. Taking time to assess your cooling or heating system if it needed maintenance is a huge help for you to prevent inconvenience when the change of season occurs. You don’t want to be exhausted and irritable during this period. With proper maintenance on your cooling or heating system will make you and your love one comfortable at home. If you suspect that your cooling or heating system has a problem, you need to call some professionals who are able to fix your device.

In some cases, even you have a proper maintenance for your device it still breaks. What if the incident happened during the cold season? What if you don’t know what to do? What if you cannot predict what is wrong with the device? Worry no more because there is a local emergency furnace repair company. They will attend to your need as soon as they can. They are available 24/7 with live customer service to assist you, guaranteed repairs. It will be done by licensed, professional, trustworthy technicians that is capable whether it is residential and commercial emergency services for your ventilating, air conditioning, furnace, and other heating, air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

There are reasons why the system fail. It might be for improper preventive maintenance which means neglecting some parts to maintain on your system especially the filters and fluid levels. Second is inexperienced service. Hiring an inexperience personal can damage more your unit and the ending part it will not be fix at all. It will make your unit much worst when you let non-professional do the for you. Always keep in mind that you only hire professionals to make sure your system will be okay and function well. Lastly, having an outdated system. Not all system last long. It will come to a certain point it will totally breakdown that even repair is no use. It is not practical anymore if you spend again and again for the emergency repair for air conditioning that cost you a lot of money. To have a reliable system, replace it with a new one and choose more efficient model.

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