Don’t Forget Window Safety This Summer


Summer is a time when people commonly have their windows open. Whether it is to let a bit of cooler air in or to try and alleviate the humidity, an open window can be a nice way to let a bit of nature into your home. It can also be an environmentally friendly way of cooling things down without contributing to the issues caused by air conditioning.

However, there can be a notable downside to leaving your windows open. While you may have thought you had inspected all areas of your home, did you consider the safety of your windows?

Open windows can be an invitation for disaster when it comes to children and pets. If you must leave your windows open, keep an eye on your children and animals’ activities at all times. It can only take a few seconds for one to climb up on a ledge, lean too far out, and have a nasty, potentially fatal fall. Don’t let screens lull you into a false sense of security; they are merely designed to keep insects and birds out, not to support the weight of a persistent child, cat, or dog.

To ensure that such an unfortunate accident does not occur, make sure your windows are securely closed when you are not around to watch them. There is also the alternative of installing a window stop. These limit the amount that a window can be opened, thus making it impossible for a child to force their way out. You can also choose to install top opening windows as it would be very difficult to get out of one.

Another good tip is to make sure there is nothing nearby that a child can easily climb, thus giving them easy access to the window.

It doesn’t take long to practice window safety and it is definitely not time wasted.