Existing With Pain

Pain is a fact of life: unless all of the nerve endings in your body are dead, you will feel pain at one point or another. For some unfortunate souls, however, pain is not a fleeting problem, but something they live with at all times. Such discomfort can be quite debilitating, preventing some from being able to work or even enjoy basic pleasures.

Is pain ruling your life to the point where you find it difficult to function? The following suggestions won’t get rid of pain, but can help you better manage this unfortunate time in your life.

Battle Depression

When you suffer from depression, it can be very tempting to just succumb and stop fighting it. Chronic pain often leads to depression, but this is not something you should just accept. While trying to find a cure or balance for your discomfort, work with a therapist to help you regain mental well-being. Feeling happy and optimistic can be an excellent ally in the fight against chronic pain. There are also support groups for people who are in a similar situation. These are great places to make new friends, and share tips and encouragement.

Be Open to Help and New Ideas

As mentioned above, prolonged discomfort can cause people to retreat from the world and otherwise close down. However, it is important to remain open to friends and family, as well as medical practitioners and their new ideas for treatment. If help is being offered, accept it.

Accept That There Will Be Bad Days

Even the happiest people have bad days, so accept there will be times when you feel even more uncomfortable than usual. Keep in mind that not everyday will be this bad, and it will pass eventually.

Advocate for Yourself

Sometimes there can be long waiting times for treatment or acceptance into groups. The best way to achieve positive results is to make some noise; let them know you are out there and seek results. The old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” is just as relevant now as when your grandmother used to say it.