Have You Got the Summertime Blues?

If the only summertime blues you know is the famous song by Eddie Cochran, consider yourself lucky. Many people live for summer; in fact, for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (or S.A.D.), summer is a godsend.

However, the summertime blues is a real thing. Not everyone reacts to the sun and warmth of the summer months in a positive fashion. In fact, the brightness of the sun can trigger depression in some people. If you fall into this category, keep your sunglasses handy.

The heat of summer (which has grown more intense in some areas the past few years due to climate change) can also rub some people the wrong way, making them quite irritable. This is the summer equivalent of winter S.A.D. Those individuals should consider staying indoors when the sun is at its height in the sky.

While many people find summer to be relaxing, it is actually the time of year when sleep deprivation is the most common. Those long, sun lit days and early mornings where the sun is up before you can mess up the body’s internal rhythm. Try using heavy curtains to block out the sun and try to keep regular hours, hitting the sack at the same time each evening.

If you have kids, summer can almost seem like a curse. As they are out of school, you need to find things for them to do. That can mean acting as a chauffeur or other form of supervisor, leaving you with little of the spare time you need to unwind. That can result in you feeling rundown and unable to face the challenges of the day.

Finally, many people take time off during the summer, so that can leave your workplace seeming a bit deserted at times. As a result, you may be called upon to fill in. That can cut into your own work time, leaving you rather drained and possibly even a bit resentful.