Make the Most of Your Spare Time

Many of us complain that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. And yet, when we do have some spare time, we don’t make productive use of it. Sitting around can be useful sometimes to help us wind down, but doing it more than occasionally that is counterproductive.

OK, let’s say you have some spare time coming up and you are determined not to waste it. Here are some things you can do with that extra time:

Clean Up Your Computer

We’ll wager that you have not cleaned up your desktop in a while. All of those extra icons actually slow your machine down! Delete some or put them into folders organized around a central subject.

E-mail is another area where it is very easy to fall behind. Answer some that you have been meaning to get to, send out ones that you have not gotten around to, and get rid of others that are just taking up space.


If you are like us, you plan to exercise, but don’t often get around to it. Well, don’t be us: get out there and move around! Even if you are just going for a walk around the block, you are helping your body and aiding your longevity.

Experience Some Relaxing Silence

We spend so much of our day running around meeting deadlines, we can easily forget to get some needed peace and quiet. Silence can be very good for the soul, so turn off your phone for awhile, close you eyes, take some deep breaths, and enjoy a little quiet time.

Deal With Those Household Chores

All homes have things that need doing, but get put off thanks to business or just plain apathy. Here is your chance to get them done and out of the way, once and for all.