Why Do People Leave Their Jobs?

If you ask someone why they left a job, the answers heard most often are along the lines of “I didn’t like the work,” “I couldn’t make ends meet,” or “I couldn’t stand my boss.” However, other reasons often factor into the decision to seek employment elsewhere.

Here are a few other reasons why people leave their jobs.

Lack of Challenge

Tackling a new responsibility can be extremely stressful, but often these situations help us to grow as employees. Many people are happy to have no stress at all during the work week, but the downside of that is repetition and boredom. You might be thinking, “OK, but I’ll still take that over stress.” But have you had a job where you are never challenged and spend the day watching the clock? Those can really wear on you, too, and will lead some to quit.

Don’t Like Your Job Duties

The ideal fit for most people is to find a job where the boss structures the role around your particular talents. Unfortunately, for the majority of us, we find ourselves forced to adapt to a position. That can be stressful and lead to dissatisfaction.

Rigid Managers

The best managers allow roles to expand or contract as needed. They are also open to letting people go back to a position of lesser responsibility, should their current job leaving them feeling unhappy. Rigid managers adhere to a “my way or the highway” philosophy that will often alienate employees and lead them to look elsewhere.

All companies need to be organized and have workers that adhere to these policies. However, they should not be set in stone. Managers who allow employees to alter their schedule when needed for valid reasons are more likely to retain those workers. Not being reasonable in the face of a time conflict is counterproductive and will cause people to start working on their resumés.