You’re Probably Eating Too Fast

Do you find yourself constantly in a rush? Do you have to eat faster in order to get back to work so you can finish as promised? If that is the case, you are probably rushing through your lunch and that is not a good thing. Eating fast may be convenient, but it is really not good for your body.


When we eat, we inhale some oxygen. Usually this is not an issue, but if you eat fast, you are inhaling more and taking in a larger quantity. That air can become trapped and lead to painful bloating and embarrassing instances of belching and flatulence. What you would rather choose: a few more minutes eating lunch or an uncomfortable and potentially mortifying afternoon dealing with gas?

You eat less when you eat slower

This sounds counterintuitive, but the truth is that when you eat quickly, your brain and stomach do not have time to register when they are full. This can cause you to eat more than you need and lead to weight gain.

Tougher on your stomach

When you take your time and thoroughly chew your food, your stomach has less to deal with and there is less chance of digestive issues like acid indigestion. Do you suffer from stomach problems and tend to eat quickly? The answer to the issue may lie largely there. Try taking smaller bites and chewing slower.

Dragging it out means more to enjoy

Gulping bring down that plate of dessert can be a very enticing prospect, but the pleasure will be over in two minutes at that speed. Why not savor every bite and let this wonderful experience last, say, ten minutes? Both your brain and your stomach will thank you. Eating at this speed will also make it less likely that you want another piece (and all of the calories that go with it).